Ashland Richland Area ERN

Founded: 2020
Ashland Richland Area ERN

Total Distinct Employees Served: 99


Total Employee Requests:127


Total Services Delivered: 168


Source: 2020 Annual Report (USA ERN)



On-site Success Coaching

The core of the ERN model is onsite, confidential Success Coaching that employees can access on a predictable, ongoing basis. No more wasted hours in social services offices; Success Coaches offer direct connection and access to community resources. Employees who face a crisis from lack of resources can get immediate, personal relief, onsite. Services are available to all employees in our member companies. Success Coaches accommodate all shifts with off-site locations and alternate meeting times available upon request.‚Äč

  Employer Members-Investors

  • Brethren Care
  • Hedstrom Injection
  • Kingston Residence of Ashland
  • Kingston Residence of Vermillion
  • Mansfield Plumbing Products

  Strategic Partners

  • Accada
  • Access Ohio
  • Appleseed Community Health Center
  • Associated Charities
  • Safe Haven
  • The Ashland Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center